Eligibility & Fees

The Kansas John Philip Sousa Jr. Honor Band is a statewide honor band for students in grades six through nine. Students audition in October by submitting an audition recording. Audition music becomes available every year at the beginning of May and can be downloaded from this site. There is a $10.00 fee per audition plus a $2 processing fee per entry per school ($12 total per student entry).  If selected for participation, fees are $40 per student and are due in January 2023.

Make fees payable to the KS John Philip Sousa Jr. Honor Band.  You will be able to download your invoice from Festival Scores on Oct. 22nd, 2022.


  • The Participation Fee is required for each student named to the roster.
  • Students who withdraw will still incur the Participation Fee.
  • Alternates who are added to the roster will be charged the regular Participation Fee.
  • Schools will not be allowed to register students if they carry an outstanding balance from the previous year.


  • Must be a member in good standing of their school band program and be enrolled in band the year of participation.
  • Have the audition recordings and application submitted via Festival Scores by the student’s band director.
  • Belong to a participating school that is a member of the Kansas State High Schools Activities Association (KSHSAA).
  • If student attends a KSHSAA member school, but there is not a band program at that school; the student is eligible to audition.
  • All schools participating must be in financial good standing with the JPS Junior Honor Band Organization in order for students to participate.
  • All students participating in the KS Sousa Honor Band are expected to attend all rehearsals prior to the performance. Weather-related and illness-related absences will be handled on a case-by-case basis, and at the discretion of the KS Sousa Honor Band Executive Board.

KSHSAA Policy On Eligibility For Students Attending KSDE Accredited Virtual Schools:

The KSHSAA Executive Board voted unanimously to adopt the following policy specifying the terms by which students attending virtual schools accredited by the Kansas State Department of Education may establish eligibility at a KSHSAA member public school. The policy was developed with input from staff, members of the Kansas State Department of Education and Kansas virtual school administrators. Executive Board members noted there has been very little feedback on the proposed policy as published in the March KSHSAA Executive Board Meeting Minutes. Since this is an Executive Board policy, it will not appear in the KSHSAA Handbook. The KSHSAA will post this information on its website and distribute it through appropriate means to all member schools.

KSHSAA Executive Board Policy Regarding Scholastic Eligibility of Virtual Students

With respect to KSHSAA Scholarship Requirements Rule 13 and Enrollment Rule 15, students may count virtual courses for the purpose of establishing eligibility for all KSHSAA sponsored activities, provided local USD policy permits dual enrollment agreements with virtual schools.

The following stipulations will apply:

  1. Virtual classes must be taken through a virtual school, fully accredited by the Kansas State Department of Education.
  2. Students will be eligible at the public school in whose district and attendance area they reside.
  3. Virtual students enrolling and establishing eligibility by September 20th must be included in the school’s annual KSHSAA classification count.
  4. The student must be currently enrolled and attending a minimum of one (1) class at the KSHSAA member public school where they desire eligibility. If the student desires participation in music, debate or speech activities, they must be enrolled and attending in that academic course at the school, if such course is offered and the school requires enrollment for participation.
  5. Eligibility for virtual students will be established on a semester basis consistent with traditionally enrolled students. Virtual and traditionally enrolled students are required to pass five units of credit each semester to establish scholastic eligibility. The school is responsible to verify the academic progress of the student with the virtual school administrator prior to submitting the student’s name on KSHSAA eligibility forms and rosters.
  6. Virtual students must be enrolled in five units of credit (courses) each semester. At the conclusion of the academic semester, they must have completed coursework sufficient to equal a passing grade in each course, consistent with traditionally enrolled students.
  7. All students, virtual or traditional, must pass five units of credit in the previous semester to retain eligibility.
  8. Like traditionally enrolled students, virtual students must be currently enrolled in five or more courses not previously passed, to establish and retain eligibility each semester.
  9. Local school districts retain the authority to approve dual enrollment agreements with virtual schools.

It is in the best interest of a virtual student to have daily contact with other students from the school with whom they will be interacting and competing on school teams. The student and the school share an interest in the student being a part of the daily climate and culture of the school.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact:

Jena McElwain