2023 KS Sousa Honor Band Audition Music

Here is the audition music for the 2023 KS Sousa Honor Band Auditions.  All recordings must be uploaded to Festival Scores (ONLY by band director) no later than 11:59pm October 21st.  No exceptions can be made for late auditions. Band Directors: Please upload all auditions to Festival Scores. Listen to each recording in its entirety after uploading to ensure no incomplete or incorrect recordings are submitted.


2023 Flute

2023 Oboe

2023 Bassoon

2023 Clarinet

2023 Bass Clarinet

2023 Contralto Clarinet

2023 Alto Saxophone

2023 Tenor Sax

2023 Baritone Sax

2023 Trumpet / Baritone TC

2023 French Horn

2023 Trombone

2023 Baritone BC

2023 Tuba

2023 Percussion