How to Apply

The Kansas John Philip Sousa Junior Honor Band is sanctioned by the Kansas State High School Athletics Association (KSHSAA) and the Kansas Music Educators Association (KMEA). Because it supports the eligibility and participation guidelines of both organizations, students must:

  1. Participate in a band program at a KSHSAA-participating school and be a member in good standing (if the student attends a KSHSAA school but there is not a band program, they are still eligible to audition)
  2. Be enrolled in a school band program in that year of participation (ie grades 6-9)
  3. Applications must be submitted by the student’s band director

KSHSAA virtual student eligibility


Music will available here, once available, through the first week of May, 2024.

Recordings / applications due to band directors in October. Band directors will complete each student application as students are unable to do this themselves.

Music will be here once available

Recording Expectations

Recordings should be recorded in mp3 format and then uploaded by the band director.

No talking allowed on the recording.

Each audition portion must be recorded straight through with no pauses or edits. Any edits to the original recording will deem the audition disqualified.

Selection Process

Auditions are evaluated starting the first Saturday in November.

Audition adjudication is carried out by highly qualified professional musicians.

Selected students are assigned in two bands: Blue (advanced) or Red (second).

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