About Us

Sousa Junior Honors Band projects are organized annually or biennially and may be hosted at different locations throughout the United States. The project was inaugurated in 2001 and many bands have been successfully established in several geographical locations.


  1. To provide opportunities to perform in an honors band by junior high and middle school students at their level of performance.
  2. To create opportunities for junior high school musicians to further develop their musical and performance skills.
  3. To provide opportunities for junior high school band directors and students to participate in special instrumental clinics and rehearsals.
  4. To build support for the junior high level of bands from parents, school administrators and communities,
  5. To enhance self-esteem and confidence in the junior level band student.
  6. To motivate gifted band members by providing them with additional opportunities for the development of their special musical skills.
  7. To provide bonding experiences with student musicians from other schools.